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Top 5 steps to help you financially with the law of attraction

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The following steps will help you get started with the money to be more financially stable. According to the law of attraction, these steps will help you create a schedule, goals, and actions to take.

The law of attraction attracts money, improves financial resources

Step 1: Get rid of the limit of beliefs

Goal: Any basic negative assumptions about money will get in the way of achieving financial abundance. You will often feel sad, scared, frustrated, or even angry about money or financial matters. However, only by turning your emotions into love and joy will you get what you want in financial matters.

Time: 1-7 days. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time on counterproductive ideas. However, you also need to look deeply into your own thoughts. You need to be honest with yourself about what you believe in, what you like.

Tools: Use affirmative tools as they are some of the most effective financial, precursor manifesting tools in the universe. You can easily remove your mind from the negative beliefs in your life.

Action item:  Think of all the reasons why you really love money, wish it would be abundant. Some good examples include “I love money because it allows me to do good in this world” and “I love money because it gives me freedom” (but it is important to make sure the list reflect your thoughts )  .

Tip: When creating an affirmation based on your positive reason to love money, remember that speaking out loud isn’t the only way to empower them. You can also integrate them into your artwork, set them as a reminder on your phone, or write them on a featured display list.

Step 2: Set clear future directions

Goal: Specificity is key when asking the universe for everything. If you can’t decide how much money you want when you start manifesting money. And why or when, the universe would never know.

Time: 3-14 days. Timing is personal, it depends on your current goal setting stage. If you’ve had a vivid picture of your future for a while, you can start sketching a dream board right away. However, if you’re not sure your intentions are right, it may take you more than 14 days to determine what your priorities are.

Tools: Use the Dream board as a very creative tool for setting clear intentions.

5 steps to make your financial resources more abundant

Action Items: Play around with different ways to express your specific intent, trying 5-10 different expressions. When something feels right and your intentions have been set, turn it into a dream board. Also, make sure to exercise intention in everything you do with the law of attraction (especially the affirmations you say to yourself).

Tip: Look for sample design boards and inspirational examples. Don’t be afraid to go online while you’re creating, Pinterest is a great place.

Step 3: Actively respect and love your money and financial resources

Goal: As your life views money as something wonderful to respect, you’ll often find that money naturally begins to attract itself more often (and in greater amounts). Try not to think that you are trying to make  money but that you  have achieved wealth, financial abundance. Remember, according to the law of attraction, something becomes yours as soon as you ask for it.

Time: 14-30 days is a typical time frame to start noticing changes related to this step. But your special situation may require more or less time than this.

Tool:  Live “in the knowledge”.

Action Item:  Get a nice new wallet or empty your existing one out of anything wasteful, negative, or irrelevant. Think of it as creating a sanctuary for your intentions. Meanwhile, spend money on things that support your self-care and your love for others.

Tip: Consider sniffing money every day. When you expose your brain to this particular smell, you will fall into a vibration similar to money. You become money in a  sense, and that attracts more money towards you.

Step 4: Adjust your intuition

Goal: When you have clear intentions and are making a daily effort to send consistent signals of financial abundance, your intuition will naturally sharpen. However, not everyone knows how to determine their intuition, or feels confident when it comes to tracking their finances. During this phase of the action plan, you will increasingly be able to perceive the signposts of the universe.

Duration:  7-14 days, depending on how much you need to do to connect with your emotions and instincts.

Tools: Use creative imagery to enhance your intuition.

Action item: To tune into your intuition, try a new day visualization exercise that involves focusing on your core. Visualize light or heat in the center of your body, where you usually feel the most intense immediate emotional reactions to events.

Advice: Be on the lookout for coincidences, unexpected encounters, new invitations. Basically, anything that feels different and evokes a sense of excitement or possibility could be something you’ve been sent to guide you. Reading success stories about the law of attraction can be of great help if you’re not sure what to look for.

Step 5: Let go and trust the universe

Goal: Any execution plan to manifest money should involve learning how to live without worries.

Time: You can achieve this in 7 days, but most people periodically need to return to this step to remind themselves to let go.

Tool: Use gratitude journaling to tell the universe you’re listening to it. It will continue to reward you with good times and events.

Action Items: Journal your gratitude to make sure you feel satisfied about each day and appreciate all the small steps on the path to your ideal life.

Tip: Remember that when you’ve set a clear intention and committed to practicing the right expression techniques every day, you’ve done everything you can to make your wishes come true. The universe wants to make your finances more abundant and they are still doing so every day.

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