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14 Signs Your Guardian Angel Wants To Connect With You

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You may have heard the saying “angels watch over people”. You have even felt the presence of ‘angels’ or invisible forces in your life. However, you may not know exactly what the angel symbols mean.

Angels often send messages that help us in different ways. But few of us know what these signs are and so most of us miss these messages. In addition, signs from the universe are difficult to interpret. So even if you know about angelic communication, you may still have a hard time understanding what the angels want to tell you.

We need to consider the true nature of the angelic symbols. When can you see the signs that angels send? In addition, we will outline all the major angel signs and angel symbols you may see, providing examples that will help you understand these signs in your own life.

What is the ‘Angel Icon’?

The angelic sign is a form of letting us know the message that the faithful guardian is sending us. There are different views on the nature of angels, but almost everyone agrees that these are creatures of pure love. They are the ones who bring us messages that help us find our true path in life.

Angels do not directly affect our lives or make things happen. However, they can help us gain insight into what’s going on. From there, we can handle things more easily.

Guardian angels are always by our side and help us
Guardian angels are always by our side and help us

Moreover, they are said to know the desires of our hearts and all of our most private thoughts. This means that they can offer useful advice and messages that even our loved ones cannot provide.

You can ask the angels to help you just by focusing on one question, repeatedly saying it out loud or writing it down. Feedback will come in the form of cues that give you subtle clues on how to proceed.

In other cases, the angels watching you will realize that you are in need of support without any prompting from you, as they will feel that you need extra support or that you are about to reach your goal. to a pivotal moment in his life’s story.

How do you recognize angel signs?

Now you know a little bit about the types of times when angels can appear, and you also know that you can make them appear when you need to. However, there are also more specific circumstances in which a reaction from angels can be noticed. Keeping these in mind will give you a better idea of ​​any useful angel symbols that may be coming up.

Signs from spirit guides and angels often appear in your life when:

  • You are going through a spiritual awakening, developing a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe. And then the angels will be attracted to your high vibration.
  • You are feeling alone or isolated. The universe will remind you that you play a part in a great master plan.
  • You’re after something you’ve always meant to do; The universe wants to strengthen your faith so you stay on track.
  • You are feeling vulnerable and need a sign that you need support.
  • You’ve taken some time away from your true purpose and are now starting over again. In extreme cases, angels will also provide signs when you are moving in the wrong direction.
  • You have been through a trauma and have reached the stage where you are ready to begin the healing process.
  • An angel simply wants to convey unconditional love to you and help you reconnect with your own pure love for the universe. This can happen at times when you might not expect it, or when love is an important topic in your personal growth.

The important message here is that you are more likely to see angels when you are transforming into your truest self. Or when you are faced with a hardship and need extra care.

14 angel symbols and signs from the universe

Angel symbols and signs can vary quite a bit depending on your and the angel’s circumstances. Also, some of them can be surprising and not exactly what you think when envisioning being in contact with an angel or guiding spirit. So trust your intuition in times when angelic contact is expected or desirable.

However, the following fourteen signs are the most common. As we explore them, we will also look at some of the most helpful tips that can help you interpret these types of symbols correctly.

1. Angel numbers and repeating patterns

Whenever you see the same numbers repeating or they just grab your attention for some reason, this could be an angel sign. Angel numbers can have specific meanings, including the following:

  • 0: Angels ready to give you divine reassurance
  • 1:  Focus on the positive.
  • 2:  You are on the right track.
  • 4: Angels are ready to help you heal.
  • 5:  Change is good for you right now.
  • 6:  You are focusing too much on material concerns.
  • 7: You’re getting a lot of luck right now, so it’s a good time to take calculated risks.
  • 8:  You are attracting abundance and prosperity.
  • 9:  You are in the right space to fulfill your dreams.
  • 11:  Adjust your intuition to make the right choice.
  • 13:  You are in a place of spiritual growth.
  • 22: Be patient, success is coming.

The more these numbers repeat, the stronger the underlying message. So, for example, 777 will indicate that you are exceptionally lucky and 9999 will tell you that today is the perfect time to take some action that you have been waiting to take.

2. Angel form

On any angel symbol list, you’ll find a variety of symbols or images that convey a helpful message. Repetitive or particularly prominent shapes may be related to the angels trying to tell you to change or focus your attention on something.

What is the angel form?
What is the angel form?

It is common to see these angelic symbols in abstract form, such as in clouds, in soap bubbles or in tea leaves. However, these shapes can be anywhere.

For example, you might constantly spot heart-shaped stones or see horseshoes in the snow. Whenever these same things happen, try to connect with something you’re having trouble with or wondering.

3. Hear the ringing in the ear

Hearing angels is rarely the same as hearing an actual voice speaking to you. Instead, it’s much more common to notice a disruption in your normal hearing levels, especially in the form of ringing.

If you suddenly hear ringing in your ears, observe what is happening around you and notice what you are thinking. The angels may be trying to “underline” a particular thought or idea that you are having. Of course, if you have repeated ringing in your area, the first thing you should do is get checked out by a doctor for this problem. However, in apparently idiopathic cases, messages from the angels may be the underlying explanation.

4. Rainbow

Regarding nature-based signs, remember that angels often lead to the presence of a beautiful rainbow .

If a rainbow suddenly appears in your vision or near your home, this could represent the presence of angels who are looking after you and want you to know you are loved. Usually, this is a timely reminder when you’re feeling lonely, and rainbows can herald a time of better luck and deeper interpersonal connections.

In some cases, the rainbow can also direct your attention to something, such as a particular place worth visiting or returning to.

5. Sudden chills

If you’ve ever had goosebumps out of nowhere or experienced an inexplicable shiver, you’ve had chills in the past. This could be a sign that angels are near and very active in trying to communicate with you.

As with many other signs, the chills will make you pay more attention to what you’re seeing or thinking. The chilling experience can also tell you that you’re on the right track. For example, if you are interviewing for a variety of jobs and feel chills at one interview, perhaps this is the right opportunity for you.

6. Dreams or omens

Angels will often find it easier to communicate with you during sleep when your mind is fully open and your subconscious is ready to receive the message. Notice recurring dreams or even recurring themes and images in the dream.

You may also experience premonitions upon awakening, which will make you feel as though you can vividly envision what will happen in your future. Sometimes, angels use these types of signs to warn you of something that might be destabilizing or to remind you of something important in life. Dream journaling can help you interpret these types of signs and notice important events.

7. Butterflies and Dragonflies

As suggested above, the signs of the angels on earth are often related to the natural world. This applies not only to the weather but also to animal sightings. If butterflies or dragonflies seem attracted to you or you see them in a large group, this may indicate that angels are nearby and are actively looking for your interests.

The butterfly is one of the signs of the guardian angel
The butterfly is one of the signs of the guardian angel

Meanwhile, if you want to attract the attention of angels on your own, collecting items featuring butterflies and dragonflies can attract angels to you. These are messenger beings intimately connected with the energies and intentions of the angelic guardians.

8. Flashing light

Sometimes, the angel symbol appears as flashing lights or shimmering waves of light. They can be bright white or colored, and you’ll more often see them in the corner of your eye than in the center of your vision.

Some experts believe that the color of the light you see can indicate something about what the angel is trying to tell you. In particular, orange is said to signal optimism or positivity, green is associated with an increase in power, and blue or purple can be an indicator that you need to take your time. relax.

9. White feathers

White feathers have long been associated with the presence of angels, so be aware of their potential presence no matter where you are. In general, feathers symbolize the protection of angels. It can also convey love and support from the angels in your life.

You can collect them, review them, and keep one for when you want to get an angel’s attention. A white feathered angel symbol on clothing, buildings, or objects can also represent a sign from the guardian angel, so don’t just look for material feathers.

10. You feel like you’re not alone

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the signs of an angel watching over you is the general feeling that you are not alone. Some people say they are especially aware of this at night when they feel the presence of angels as they fall asleep.

You may also have this feeling in the face of stress, the awareness of someone walking along and supporting you. Angels may especially give this sign when you are feeling misunderstood, rejected, or isolated. When there is a guardian angel in your life, you are never truly yourself and can draw strength from this knowledge.

11. Animal messengers

As noted above, animals can carry messages and reminders from angels. In addition to butterflies and dragonflies, you can expect to see a particular animal constantly appearing in your life. For some people, this is a bird perched on a window ledge or a cat that visits their home every day.

Sometimes you will attract multiple repeats of the same animal. For example, maybe you just seem to pull crows towards you, or maybe you always find ladybugs on your clothes. All of these experiences suggest an angel is watching over you and looking out for your best interests.

12. Raise awareness and intuition

Among the most powerful signs of angels are heightened perception and keen intuition. When people describe feeling angels around them, they often have a vivid feeling. Colors seem brighter, the world seems more beautiful, you may feel you can empathize with other people’s emotions. Moreover, you will feel more confident in what you have to do next.

The presence of angels seems to help reinforce some basic skills we have so often held back. Therefore, they can connect us with the spiritual side in a powerful and useful way.

13. Meaningful message

One of the most common signs that angels are with you is an unexpected stream of meaningful messages. A book can open on the right page to provide the kind of advice you need. You may notice repeated taglines in ads. Or maybe you hear people say the same positive phrases.

Angels can bring these important messages to the forefront, helping you to see and hear exactly the things that will help you grow and propel you forward in life. You can also directly ask the angels to send you such messages when struggling with a particular question or decision.

14. Unexpected support and success

Finally, those who receive angelic attention also receive sudden, significant success. For example, perhaps people will favor you more than usual. Or, maybe you’ll be invited to grab an opportunity you’ve been waiting years to discover. In addition, you will be promoted at work at the same time as meeting a new romantic partner.

When the stars align in this way, it is a strong signal that an angel (or angels) is watching over you and helping to support you in pursuing your most important dreams.

How to successfully capture the signs

Now that you understand how to spot the signs that angels are around you, what should you do with this new perception? If you want to get the most out of angelic messages and express your ideals of life, learn to master the Law of Attraction. This discipline teaches you how to enhance your vibration and tune your fundamental frequency to your target frequency.

Plus, you can learn how to elevate yourself to a positive state that always attracts more of the same things. All these processes are improved by awareness of angelic messages and by finely honed intuition.

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